Case Studies





40 year old building, 2 x blocks of 40 Units, deteriorating timber windows and doors


Conducted a condition survey on 75% of the windows and doors in relation to repairs required and assessment of Probable Costs to patch and paint or replace.


Patch and paint then later replacement gave another 10-12 years of service life.



Recently constructed Units with substantial water leaks, scheme unsuccessful in obtaining a payout from insurer


Prepared specification/scope of works, issue to selected contractors and provide tender assessment and recommended contractor.


Acted as representative during works, liaise with contractor and client, assess variations and claims.



Recently completed 45 Unit residential building


Carried out inspection of common areas in relation to identifying defects prior to completion of builder’s warranty period.


Prepare defect list, carried out additional inspections after action by builder and updated the scheme in relation to the status of the builder’s defect rectification.



Identification of key building issues, their specification and tender/contract management to minimise costs to owners


Took on a superintendent role identifying early the absence of concrete spalling in the contracted works negotiating the scheduled item rate down by approx. 50% saving the OC $84,000. When the amount of spalling exceeded all expectations managed the Contracts termination the preparation of a new specification and its tender reducing the rate a further 50% ultimately saving the OC $450,000.



Magnesite damage and sacrificial anodes to mitigate ongoing corrosion risk


In conjunction with identification of the degree of damage associated with spalling repairs, we also advise on corrosion mitigations strategies.


Appropriate solutions may be one or several of conventional concrete repair, sacrificial anodes, dual-action anodes, penetrating sealers, migrating corrosion inhibitors, cathodic protection and coatings.


We will impartially and independently recommend solutions that may include these, as we are not involved in the supply of materials or installation of any particular system.  We are unbiased.


Photo above is of typical concrete floor spalling repair due to magnesite and water ingress.



42 year old building, 12 Units, non-compliant deteriorating balustrades and concerns regarding structural adequacy of the cantilevered concrete balconies


We observed balustrades were non-compliant to current standards and were not structurally adequate in their current configuration.  We also retrieved concrete core samples from the balconies for laboratory analysis to establish chloride profiles and cement content to assess durability condition, and exposed reinforcement for assessment of corrosion state.


To eliminate the risk of a claim against the owner’s corporation due to a combination of structural adequacy and the low height and climbable balustrades, we recommended that balustrades throughout the building be upgraded to meet current requirements.  We have provided a specification for the balustrade upgrade and a formal tender process is to be followed with three Building Contractors.



Recently constructed Units within the statutory warranty period with moisture ingress and egress, substantial facade cracking and sundry items


We observed facade cracking with omission of suitably located control joints for movement which allowed moisture to enter the building.  Also observed cracking to wet areas associated with the above which leaked, compiled an extensive itemised defect schedule with marked up plans of all locations of defective items.  Liaised with builder to address items appropriately in line with the statutory warranty period, and technical assistance in negotiating a financial settlement.


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Ongoing asset management advice


Provided condition reports in order to prepare specifications for balcony, plant room waterproofing and façade upgrades.  We also liaised with various stakeholders in order to facilitate these upgrades.  A formal tender process and successful remediation has been completed for early stages of work, and ongoing works are scheduled.


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– Maximising the asset value of Strata Assets
– Managing balustrade upgrade and ongoing management of spalling risk

Took on a limited superintendent role identifying early the absence of concrete spalling in the contracted works negotiating the scheduled item rate down by approx. 40% saving the OC approximately $145,000. When the amount of spalling exceeded all expectations, we managed the “make safe” works and completed other Contract elements.


Identified an alternate approach to managing the concrete spalling within new window and balustrade configuration that ensures long term compliance to BCA requirements and improves the value of the complex beyond the cost of works.


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