Strata Masterclass with SCA NSW

For our Strata Manager colleagues, this seminar by Strata Community Association (NSW) looks to be a very informative one. Note the “Bonus”… this time our Director Grahame will only get…

Strata living and election time

Those of you who have a stake in strata living, consider this article from OCN when voting on weekend 23rd March 2019.

Construction site dangers

Simple things can get overlooked, leading to large consequences.  While the examples in this article are from new build, remedial works also are exposed to similar issues, so site teams…

Non-conforming building products: The need for a coherent and robust regulatory regime

In December 2018, the Senate issued a document on Economics: References Committee in relation to “Non-conforming building products: the need for a coherent and robust regulatory regime”. We have included…

Crisis plaguing our apartment blocks

We certainly would support a national framework that includes truly independent oversight of building works. This article shows why:

Registration of buildings with combustible cladding

Grace Lawyers have provided information on the latest legislation regarding combustible cladding. Read here for the full scope.

Builder being pursued over combustible cladding goes bust, leaving apartment owners with bill

Combustible cladding was discovered on the Anstey Square complex in Brunswick after a fire spread from one apartment to another in 2017. Residents in apartments bound in combustible cladding fear…

Spinifex grass can amp the performance of everyday items

Covering nearly one-third of the continent, in deserts with poor soils, humble Australian spinifex grasses contain nano-sized particles that can amp the performance of a range of everyday items, researcher…

A house, printed in a day!

Imagination is becoming reality… someday soon, you may see 3D printers deployed to site, supplied by premixed walls, done in a few days what traditionally takes weeks! Safer, faster, cheaper!…

3D Printing houses

Check this link for ongoing research on 3D printing in construction.

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